Constitution of CASPOTT

CASPOTT was launched at a meeting on 11.5.19 at Essence Hove, when the following constitution Constitution of CASPOTT adopted at a launch meeting on 11.5.19.

1 Name

The name of the campaign shall be the CAmpaign for Social Prescribing Of Talking Therapies (CASPOTT) hereafter called; ‘The campaign,’ as described in this prospectus dated 26.3.19, and papers on section 9 of, and

2 Purpose of the campaign

The purpose of the campaign shall be to reduce drug prescribing in the NHS by commissioning and providing better drug-free interventions.

3 Aim of the campaign

The aim of the campaign shall be to set up a new primary care system to enable GPs to socially prescribe talking therapies (including complementary and alternative interventions) as easily as drugs.

4 Objects of the campaign.

a)To promote the creation of Community Care Centres, (CCC) as called for in  the Better Care Fund (BCF) legislation 2013, as mental AEs, open 24/7 for crisis  care, in which talking therapies can be socially prescribed and provided free at the point of use for vulnerable patients on GP referral and self referral, staffed by licenced providers,according to the pilot cheme proposed for Wish Park surgery, 191, Portland Rd Hove,(9.139)

b)To enable organisations who are currently providing talking therapists in the community, voluntary and private sectors to apply for, and be awarded a licence to provide talking therapies on social prescription, and be paid for doing so at agreed tariff rates, as pharmacists are paid for providing drugs on prescription.

c)To lobby politicians to implement this new primary care social prescribing system, and monitor its effectiveness in improving the health of the patient treated.

5 Membership of the campaign.

Membership shall be open to anyone who supports the purpose, aim and objects and who registers their contact details with the membership secretary, who shall keep a list of members.

6 Management of the campaign.

The management of the campaign shall be by a management committee, who shall be elected annually by the membership in general meeting.

7 Management committee.

The management committee shall be up to 15 members, comprising a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, and such other officers as the committee may decide.

8 Powers the management committee

a)To raise money to promote the campaign.
b)To open  a bank account in the name of the campaign.
c)To provide offices from which the campaign can be administered.
d)To create a website and social media presence.
e)To liase and collaborate with other campaigns with similar purposes, aims and objectives.
f)To take such other powers as may be needed to achieve the purpose, aim and objects.


Minutes of CASPOTT launch meeting on 11.5.19

Minutes of the launch meeting of CASPOTT (CAmpaign for social Prescribing of Talking Therapies) held at 2pm on Sat 11.6.19 at Essence, 86, Church Rd Hove, BN3 2EB.  By John Kapp, acting secretary, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE,, 01273 417997.

1 Present. Natalie Tobert  (chairman) Joe Bartholomew (convenor) Phoebe Wyss (John’s wife, meditation leader and astrologer) Diane Wright (service user from Nottingham) Dr Irena Evans (psychiatrist) Dr Terry Palmer (hypnotherapist specialising in spirit dis-possession) Matthew  (embodiment therapist) Howard Pearce (peer support volunteer from Sussex Partnership Foundation  Trust) Denise Millar (Sage Holistics therapist and researcher)  Ruth Counter-Smith (mother of a patient) Jacqui Madders (former patient, campaigner and former chairman of SECTCo) Tatiana (therapist with Spiritual Crisis Network) Sue Milner (former patient) John Kapp (campaigner, and acting secretary) Total 14.  Apologies were received from Dr Emma Hogan (psychiatrist)

2 Introductions

Everybody introduced themselves and said what they hoped to get out of the meeting.

3 Launch of the campaign

John thanked Joe and Natalie for convening the meeting, which follows up from the meeting on  2.3.19 in St Augustines Centre, Brighton, attended by over  40 people. He said that this campaign had grown out of his psychiatrist mother and engineer father. He had suffered an adverse reaction to Ibuprofen in 1991, and joined the Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Medicine (FIM, later rebranded Health, FIH in 1993, which called for the bet of complementary therapy to be integrated into the NHS. He bought 86 Church Rd Hove in 2001 and started Planet Janet with his wife, Phoebe.

In 2010, he founded the Social Enterprise Complementary Therapy Company (SECTCo),  believing the Conservative party manifesto in 2010 to ‘liberate the NHS’ by filling the democratic deficit in health. They created the clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs), and devolved 2/3rds of the health budget to them, now worth £80 bnpa nationally, and £400 mpa locally. They also pledged to break the monopoly of drugs by opening up the market to Any Willing Provider, but this was watered down to Any Qualified Provider. The Better Care Fund (BCF) was created in 2013 to found Community Care Centres to treat vulnerable patients, personified as ‘Rachel’ (65, depressed, in sheltered accommodation), and Dave (40, alcoholic and homeless) .

However, 7 years on, local government have not yet fully fulfilled Parliament’s intention, with disastrous results for patients and GPs. Drug prescribing has doubled against NICE guidelines, no complementary therapist has yet been considered ‘qualified’, GPs have left in droves, and nobody wants to replace them. No Community Care Centres have been built, and no Rachel or Dave treated.  The crisis in primary care continues to intensify.

John has created this CASPOTT campaign to solve this problem by creating a new system of social prescribing. This would give GPs the alternative of writing new social prescriptions for talking therapies, which the patient could take to any Community Care Centre, and exchange it for drug-free interventions.The complementary therapists providing them now in the private sector would be licenced and paid as allied health professionals in arrears, by submitting the used prescription voucher to the NHS. They would transfer the money due to the provider’s bank account, and the therapist would be paid, as pharmacists are paid for providing drugs.

NHS England is now calling for social prescribing to be implemented, (see paper 9.141 of ) so this campaign should be pushing on an open door. However, to get it in Brighton and Hove we will have to lobby the councillors on the HWB, and the officers on the CCG. He hoped that the meeting will adopt the draft constitution on the order paper, and accept the draft petition, so that it can go on the Brighton and Hove City Council’s website in time for it to be discussed at the next meeting of the HWB on 23.7.19.

4 Questions and discussion

Ruth spoke about the difficulties experienced in caring for her sick daughter for the last 15 years, where antidepressant (AD) and antipsychotic (AP) medication had made her suicidal. Jacqui spoke about a CCG meeting in Horsham last week at which relatives complained about patients taking their own lives while under the NHS mental health system. She said that the public consumption rooms that are supported by Caroline Lucas MP are not the answer, because they encourage using. John said the purpose of CASPOTT is to reduce the overprescribing of drugs, including ADs, and APs. Matthew questioned whether embodiment therapy would be included? John answered that  CASPOTT’s definition of ‘talking therapy’ is any non-drug healing intervention, of which there maybe hundreds. Terry said that he treats people remotely, by telepathy. Phoebe asked him whether he could influence commissioners to do what we want telepathically? Diane said she had been put on lithium 40 years ago, and is still trying to withdraw from it.  Jacqui said that it is easier to come off heroin, as she had done many years ago. Denise said that she got a grant last year to treat 10 cancer and other patients with complementary therapies for 3 months. She is writing a report on the results which she will send to local GPs, practice managers, and patients on Patient Participation Groups (PPG)  John said that he is on his  PPG (Wish Park), who are located on the ground floor of 191 Portland Rd Hove, whose first floor is designated ‘health-related purposes only’ but had been empty for 4 years. He has proposed a community Care Centre there, and this is now being considered by the cluster 4 (6 surgeries in West Hove, see above-mentioned paper). He hopes that the cluster (soon to be rebranded ‘West Hove Primary Care Network’) will call for bids to provide socially prescribed interventions there, to which
SECTCo will apply for a licence to treat NHS patients. He is seeking complementary therapists who wish to be employed there.

5 Adoption of the CASPOTT draft constitution.

John took the meeting through the draft constitution on the agenda paper. The first 4 paragraphs were accepted in principle, but there was not time to consider the remainder. John asked those present to take the paper with them, and send comments and proposed amendments to him, which would be taken at the next meeting, suggested. He wants to create a CASPOTT website, and asked or suggestions on those who could create it. He is going to create a list of supporters, and asked if everyone agreed that their names could be added. He intends to put a the petition on the council website. He thanked everyone for coming, and ended the meeting at 430pm with a closing circle.

6 Date of the next meeting. Sat 29 June, at 2pm at Essence, 86, Church Rd Hove, BN3 2EB, opposite Hove town hall, to which all are welcome. At that meeting, the above minutes were accepted as a true record and adopted, and Eileen O’Leary was elected as chairman.