23 Feb


I welcome Nancy Platts, the Council leader’s pledge (Argus 21.1.20) that the Council will buy more goods and services locally in future.  This should include health services commissioned by our GPs in our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who are expected to have a budget next financial year of £470mpa, to which can be added £130mpa for social care, making a combined total of £610 mpa for health and social care to our citizens. At present, about £90 mpa of that goes on drugs, many of which do more harm than good with side effects, and the profits go to American drug companies with questionable ethical values.

If 10% of this prescribing budget (£9 mpa) were switched to social prescribing of social interventions and talking therapies, it could pay a living wage of £20kpa to 450 local teachers and complementary therapists to treat thousands of our vulnerable patients effectively,  and improve retention and recruitment of GPs, curing the crisis in primary care.

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