Licensing scheme for complementary therapists called for.

I attended an excellent Sussex Mindfulness Centre (SMC) conference last Friday in Brighton, extolling the curing power of mindfulness based interventions (MBIs)  I tried to distribute my leaflets, but was reprehended, as I am not recognised by SMC or the local mental health trust, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust (SPFT), but I wish to apply for recognition, and have just sent their chief executive (Sam Allen) a 7 page paper giving my reasons (see papers on website).

In summary, I wish to break the drug companies’ monopoly on prescribing, by creating a parallel social prescribing system by which providers of social interventions (such as exercise and yoga classes) and talking therapies (such as MBIs) can be paid direct by the NHS our of taxation, on receipt of the used prescription form, as pharmacists are paid for drugs.

This new system  would eventually solve the overprescribing and polypharmacy problem that is crippling millions of patients and primary care, and would massively improve population health. All it needs is political will of the Health and Wellbeing Board councillors, (who I have also sent it to) and the concerted effort of a cross organisational committee. I hope that the SPFT will support this initiative, as it could enable access to mindfulness courses for their staff and council staff, which she said in her keynote address need improvement to reduce their staff sickness rate.


View Paper Bid to Sam Allen, CEO of SPFT, for a license for SECTCo to provide socially prescribed mindfulness classes at Essence Hove.    


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